Annual Awards

Each season the coaching staff decides upon a few select individuals for our annual awards. These perenial awards represent the performance throughout the season.

Fighting Heart

2010-11  Josh Laudise

2011-12  Spencer Shipman

2012-13  Boe Field

2013-14  Jordan Adams

2014-15  Jake Simmerman

2015-16  Manuel Range

2016-17  Sam Simmerman

2017-18  Peter Jensen


Fighting Heart award goes to the individual, who throughout the course of the season, shows: grit, perseverance, courage, and belief in themselves and the team. This is demonstrated in the practice room, through out competition, and outside of the athletic arena.


2011-12  Alexis Perez

2012-13  Clarc Walker

2013-14  Alexis Perez

2014-15  Kyleigh Carter

2015-16  Talia Sanchez

2016-17  Anevay Chacchia

2017-18  Alexis Tangen

Leader of the Pack

2010-11  Matt Martellini

2011-12  Tarren Carskadden

2012-13  Josh Laudise

2013-14  John Robert Brady

2014-15  Nic Coe

2015-16  Jake Simmerman

2016-17  Manuel Rangel

2017-18  George Ordieres

Leader of the Pack award goes to the individual who excells in his or her performance on the mat. Distinguishes himself or herself during practices. Overall demonstrating the ideas of the program.

2010-11  Kenzie Crew

2011-12  Malin Monrad

2012-13  Alexis Perez

2013-14  Clarc Walker

2014-15  Arynne Dugan

2015-16  Arynne Dugan

2016-17  Astrid Silva

2017-18  Aisha Yazadi